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Welcome to Big Oaks Ranch

Big Oaks Ranch, established in late 1800s and early 1900s by the Watson Family of Rusk County, Texas is located in Kilgore, Texas near the East Texas Regional Airport, formally Gregg County Airport in Longview, Texas. (map & driving directions)

Call for a gate code when you arrive.  903-643-7436 (new) ranch, 903-557-1016 Danny, 903-987-4942 Carletta

Danny and Carletta Burrows currently own and operate the ranch. James & Peggy Howard, Carletta's parents, lived on the ranch for years and assisted in oversight and supported the Burrows in too many ways to list. Peggy went to be with the Lord in October 2011.  James followed her to heaven in February 2013.  They were valuable assets to this family operation and are sorely missed.

ORGANIC information -- Remember our cattle and goats eat only grass and leaves, no supplemental grain or cube feed.  I absolutely DO NOT give any MRNA laced vaccines! Only horses and chickens are fed supplemental, non-soy feeds. We do not spread or spray any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. Loose salt and minerals are free to all animals. 'Back to Eden' gardening methods are utilized in our vegetable garden.  No chemical fertilizers are used in the vegetable garden only wood chip mulch, lime, and bone meal.


By Pete Kennedy, The Solari Report:  With the accelerating deterioration in quality and reliability of the conventional food supply, one of the best steps anyone can take for health and preparedness is to increase purchases of food produced by regenerative farmers and small-scale artisans. Check out this site for sources of fresh food:
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Why is grass fed best?  Check out Zilmax-Slaughterhouse Observations Raise New Concerns about This Growth-Promoting Drug.pdf      

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PDF article Glyphosate Use Increases and Resources to find Organic Products
glyphosate-use-increases-resources-organic producers.pdf
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