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  1. Grass-fed animals impart the best health.
  2. Essential Omaga3's and Omega6's.
  3. Farm fresh and raised on living grasses. This enables the birds to eat all the varied, living grasses, other plants, insects, bugs,etc., that they can find. Since chickens also need grain, they cannot be totally grass-fed, according to several experts. Chicken are offered a limited amount of grain and watering daily. Chickens will eat up to 30% of their calories in grass (and that's a LOT of grass), if allowed access to unlimited supplies. Pasturing the poultry assures that they have these supplies of living grass at all times. Poultry raised on open grass, instead of in over-crowded lots, are high in beneficial fats and other factors.
  4. Lower cholesterol and greatly reduce degenerative disease in the consumer! Eating large proportions of living green plants, while foraging for insects and seeds and myriad other natural commodities that science hasn't identified yet, and with minimal need for medication, grass-fed animals create more vibrant health than other poultry. Moreover, the meat and eggs are incredibly tasty compared to general market chicken. Currently, restaurateurs are one of the largest groups of purchasers of pastured poultry, but even among the best chefs, there is still very little awareness of the existence of this type of meat, much less about its health benefits.
  5. No antibiotics.
  6. No growth hormones.
  7. No effect on total cholesterol or LDL. Actually lowers the risk of heart disease.
  9. Better Food. Vitamins A, B-6, B-12, and Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine. (high Homocysteine dangers)                                                          high-homocysteine-and-depression-in-children-pdf.pdf
  10. More Satisfying Flavor. Many people feel that poultry raised on pasture, in fresh air and sunshine, taste superior to confinement raised poultry. Many also think the naturally raised poultry has a firmer texture and more satisfying "bite".
  11. One of the healthiest foods.
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