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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Dear Family and Friends, Merry Christmas!!!


It is the time of year to express our desires and hopes for your peace & happiness in body, soul and spirit, and meaningful and purpose filled prosperity for the coming days that The LORD-GOD gives us.  We are realizing more and more that we can take absolutely nothing with us when we exit time except what we have stored up in our spirits (hearts).  So, may you be filled in spirit and truth in the last days of 2011 and coming days of 2012!


There have been many challenges & changes in our family this year.  First, Danny had back surgery in February and continues to do well.  His mental attitude is terrific with regard to his healing process and I believe that helps tremendously!  He just works too hard!!!  Danny’s mother, Garland Burrows, went to be with The LORD on October 5, 2011, only 9 weeks ago.  She would have been 90 years old yesterday.  She had been sick a long time and we are grateful she is free of all illness and pain.  We miss her!  Thank you for all the cards and condolences; they are greatly appreciated.


The drought this year in Texas was devastating for Texans and many farmers had to sell their livestock. We were able to keep ours and eke by until November by rotating our livestock from pasture to pasture.  In November, thanks to my cousin, Wally Wesley in Mississippi, we were able to truck 30 huge bales of hay to Texas for the winter.  We are so grateful to Wally for spending the time it took to find the hay and to help us out.  Family is a true gift from God and we are more grateful every day for His intervening grace.


As you probably have heard, the parent company of American Airlines declared chapter 11 bankruptcy before the new contracts were completed; so we are not sure what tomorrow holds. We are grateful that he still has a job for now and we are “thinking forward”.  We are researching all of the options available with great expectation.  We can tell you that after caring for parents and a ranch, we are ready to downsize and enjoy The LORD, each other, our family, and our friends more!  For us it is a hope and a purpose for the future; time is too short to sweat the details and fall short of all GOD has promised HE would provide.


As you know, Carletta’s mother, Peggy Howard, has been ill for a very long time and was promoted to be with The LORD on October 29th, only six weeks ago.  The LORD is faithful and “all-knowing”; His timing is perfect & He never makes mistakes.  He has taught us so many things about aging, illness, medications, and so much more, which we would have never known without the privilege of caring for our parents. Mom’s graveside and memorial services were just as Mom desired and we are grateful and thankful to all our family and friends who took part and attended.  Mom’s list was small & specific; if you did not get the memorial information, please know that we had a simple, but lovely family funeral in our home with family, the hospice staff, and friends who attended Mom during her illness.  We miss Mom tremendously, but we are grateful that Mom is free of all illness and physical complications that so hindered her for such a long time.  She was a devoted and dedicated parent, teacher, friend and patient.  She continues to teach us even now.  Mom is with The LORD, no more sorrow, suffering, or pain!  We are grateful for your support, cards, gifts,  and condolences in behalf of our family.  THANK YOU!


Dad, James Howard, is doing well.  He misses Mom, but we have kept him very busy.  We went to Mississippi so he could visit family and friends about a week after Mom’s promotion.  He so enjoyed the trip and we have another trip planned in the spring of 2012.  Dad enjoys football and reading.  He spends his days in front of the wood burning stove and “keeps the fire burning” for us.  Dad will be 95 years young on January 4th, 2012!!!  We are privileged to have him in our lives, he too is teaching us in ways we could not learn any other way.  Dad’s wish for Christmas and the coming year is NEW TEETH!  We will embark on that mission after the holidays.  Please keep this mission in your prayers.


Our children are our treasures and they are all prospering in their own way and we are ever grateful.   Jason continues to do well at CBS KJAQ FM 95.6, “Jack FM” in Seattle WA.  He also does freelance work and does the podcasts for the Seattle roller derby team, which is a whole different world --- believe me.  Jason began this work when his radio station sponsored the team several years ago.  Jason has sent us video clips of the games and let me tell you, we were amazed… enough said….  He works hard too!!


Carmen and Justin are busy, busy in Junction TX.  Justin appraises property, teaches continuing education classes, and helps with the family and community.  He takes the kids hunting, boating, and much more.  He just recently finished the basic courses for his pilot’s license and is now flying the family to Kilgore so we can have more time with them.  Carmen continues to manage the office at Bierschwale Land Co, and works part-time for the appraisers’ association.  Carmen works while the children are in school so she is free to be at home with them before & after school.  Carmen was elected president of the Junction Aggie Club this year. She and Justin work diligently every year organizing and supporting fundraisers for the Junction High School students who wish to attend Texas A & M.


Jade, 7 years old, is a bundle of delight!  Jade continues to excel in 1st grade!!!  She is an avid reader and outstanding in literary skills.  Just this week she won first place in the UIL Storytelling Event in Harper TX.  Jade is also learning piano skills and her first recital was in May.  Her performance was amazing and she will be playing a duet for the church Christmas program.  Jade and her teacher, “Peaches”, a concert pianist, will play Silent Night on December 18th with us in the audience!.  When Jade is here at the ranch she is busy training & riding her horse, Star.  Jade is a true joy!!


Brock, at 4 years old, is a bundle of conversation; “Why?” being his favorite word.  Koda, at 2 years old, is a bundle of mischief and keeps us all “on top of things”.  The two “brothers” are quite a pair.  They attend nursery and pre-school at the church day care program in Junction.  Brock & Koda love being on the ranch and are already learning about horses.  They enjoy working with & riding their horses, Stellar and Swift.  Brock and Koda are also Poppa’s sidekicks and are always eager to ride on the tractor, feed the cows, collect the eggs, and “doing the chores.”  We are truly blessed with and by our TREASURES!!!


This is a critical year for our nation and we are supporting RON PAUL 2012. The record prove that he is the only true constitutionally sound presidential candidate.  As voting citizens have the privilege of guarding the liberties and rights granted to us in the Republic [“if we can keep it”..] that our founding fathers gave us, Take the time to know the Constitution and please keep in touch with us on the facebook page for “Danny Carletta Burrows” or visit us at  If you are in our neck of the woods, please come see us; we do hope in faith and eagerness to see you all again, sooner rather than later—

If The LORD is willing and the creeks don’t rise!



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