Driving Instructions from Henderson (this is the route we take):

Take 259N to 322N toward Gregg Co. Airport (East Texas Regional Airport is the new name). Travel to FM 1249 about 15 miles. Turn left (west) on 1249, Dudley Road. You will be traveling west. You will travel about 3 miles west on 1249 to CR 292. You will see a green sign on the left that says NEW HOPE, turn right onto 292 headed north, travel about one mile to 267D. Turn left onto 267D. Go straight until you dead-end at the BIG OAKS RANCH entry. If the gate is closed, call for a temporary code on the keypad. Cross the cattle guard and drive up the road, the house is on the left in the pasture.

Landmarks (from 259 it takes about 10 miles):
  1. Traveling from 322 west on Dudley Road, FM 1249 you will go through MONROE; keep going straight (west) on Dudley Road (FM 1249).
  2. Keep going straight for about 2 more miles, but start slowing down at the top of a slight incline you will see a GREEN sign that says NEW HOPE on the left side of the road.
  3. At the sign, turn right onto CR 292 and travel north for one mile. You will pass two churches on the left and one church on the right and a cemetery on the left, keep going, but start slowing down.
  4. Just past the cemetery, turn left onto CR 267D.
  5. CR 267D dead-ends at our cattle guard. You have arrived!
The house is in the pasture to your left. Follow the road up to the house. You may park on the grass in front of the first set of double doors. It looks like two houses. We live in the house on the left.


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