2023 consignment prices for a whole, half, or quarter beef are $6.50 per pound hanging weight. 

This is the second price increase in over 15 years!  However, diesel has doubled, alfafa has gone from $15 to $35 per bale, processing costs have increased (again), organic supplements have tripled, labor costs have skyrocketed, repairs on 30 yr old equipment has increased, and ranch electricity has doubled. My ranch trucks are 32yrs old and 26yrs old respectively. 

I completely understand if any of my valued customers have to pinch pennies and opt out of these increases.  I GET IT!    I will be truly sorry to lose you.

Price breakdown:  (Example, estimated weights)

Calf on the hoof weighs = 1000 lbs
Hanging after slaughter  = 500 lbs
1/2 or 1 side                    = 250 lbs
1/4 or 1 qtr (front or rear) = 125 lbs

$6.50 x 500 = $3250.00
$6.50 x 250 = $1625.00
$6.50 x 125 = $812.50
Delivery fee = $65 and must be coordinated in advance.

These prices include everything.   There are no hidden costs.  What the calf weighs at The Butcher Block hanging after slaughter is the weight I use.  There will be some shrinkage during aging and some discarded bones and fat.  The packaged meat in a box will not weight the same as the hanging weight.

 I have 7 calves born in 2019 for consignment in 2023  Three (3) calves will go to slaughter in Mar 2023 and five (5) in Nov 2023.   

I probably cannot fill every order from last year.  Some of you may be limited from 1/2 to 1/4.

All current customers have first choice.  After that I call customers that are on the waiting list.  I suggest you sign up early for a 1/4 or 1/2 as soon as possible.  If you contact me, I will put you on the list.  I will call you immediately if beef is available.  You can contact me at or 903-557-1016 cell.  Alternate email is   Title emails "Grass fed Beef order".  That way emails that end up in the spam filter are easily found and released.



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