2020-2021 consignment prices for a whole, half, or quarter beef are $4.95 per pound hanging weight. 

Price breakdown:  (Example, estimated weights)

Calf on the hoof weighs = 1000 lbs
Hanging after slaughter  = 500 lbs
1/2 or 1 side                    = 250 lbs
1/4 or 1 qtr (front or rear) = 125 lbs

$4.95 x 500 = $2475.00
$4.95 x 250 = $1237.50
$4.95 x 125 = $618.75
Delivery fee = $50 and must be coordinated in advance.

These prices include everything.   There are no hidden costs.  What the calf weighs at The Butcher Block hanging after slaughter is the weight I use.  There will be some shrinkage during aging and some discarded bones and fat.  The packaged meat in a box will not weight the same as the hanging weight.

 I have 10 calves born in 2018 for consignment in 2020 beginning.  These calves will go to slaughter in Jan-Feb 2021.   

All current customers have first choice.  After that I call customers that are on the waiting list.  I suggest you sign up early for a 1/4 or 1/2 as soon as possible.  If you contact me, I will put you on the list.  I will call you immediately if beef is available.  You can contact me at or 903-557-1016 cell.   Title emails "Grass fed Beef order".  That way emails that end up in the spam filter are easily found and released.



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