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What does Memorial Day have to do with me?

My grandfathers wanted me to come and see---

Flags flying in the air

Anthems sung and gun shots blare

But still, why do I have to be there?

Names are read and tears are shed

Taps ring out loud and clear

Mourning sounds for those we love so dear.

Sons, fathers, and brothers

Daughters, sisters, and even mothers

For FREEDOM they paid a price,

A price of self sacrifice.

What does Memorial Day have to do with me?

We love, learn, and live where we want to go

All because of people we will never know.

I pray to God on bended knee

Not because someone makes me,

But because I’m FREE.

That is what Memorial Day is to me.


-Melynda Roberts-

Memorial Day Service 2002

Kilgore, TX



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