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12-28-09 "Remembering 9-11-2001 in 2009"

There is nothing more dangerous than attacking the home or ranch of a trained and armed shepherd woman . . . She hits what she aims for . . . so this "terrorist" will not strike again.  (read below)

We live in the days of rampant pack dogs, coyotes, and feral pit bulls created by irresponsible adults. When one looks out and sees the latest terrorist attempt on Northwest Flt 253/ Delta Airlines flight to the USA, a feral pit bull comes to mind.  Not long ago while home alone with her Mom and Dad at night, my wife was alerted to a ruckus outside by our guard dogs and guineas.  She immediately grabbed a flashlight and ran to the source of the ruckus.  The goat pen has a gate we close at night to protect the goats from foul play by outside criminal agents (coyotes, pack dogs, pit bulls).  She saw the goats crowded into the corner of the pen and a feral pit bull running around in the pen.  She closed the gate and ran inside for a gun.  This pit bull mangled one of our 4 month old babies and his throat was crushed, not for food, but for a cruel agenda (evil power, control and harm). The goats are content, productive creatures that make little to no trouble at all. But, when the feral dogs attack, they are panicked (fear, flight or fight takes over); their endocrine system produces harmful hormones that foul their flesh and disrupt life as normal. Their shepherd (the ranch owner) returned with a pistol and flashlight within minutes.  The pit bull was panicked and running around the pen trying to find a way to flee.  The only difference between this dog and the "dog" on NW/Delta Airlines after Christmas, was this dog wanted to live and escape.  The "dog" (terrorist) on NW/Delta Airlines wanted to die after his cruel agenda of evil power, control and harm was completed.  The Big Oaks Ranch goat shepherd drew aim on the panicked pit bull running round and round.  One shot later this pit bull lay cowering in the corner of the pen licking its shoulder wound.  Because it was too dangerous to walk into the pen, the goat shepherd called our ranch hand who arrived with a rifle and finished the job.  The baby goat had to be put down because its throat was severed and it was dying.  Both innocent victim and "terrorist" pit bull were taken to a burn pile to dispose of properly. 

MORAL:  There is nothing more dangerous than attacking the home or ranch of a trained and armed shepherd woman while her husband is temporarily away.  She hits what she aims for and then finishes the job so this "terrorist" will not strike again. We did not doctor the dog's wounds, take it to the veterinarian, or keep it fed and watered in a pen for rehabilitation and release into the neighborhood for future foul play.  Our neighbors and their farm animals are safe from this "terrorist" for now.  How I wish that our president would "shepherd" our country with the diligence of the ranch shepherds at Big Oaks Ranch.

One month later:  My ranch hand was checking fence lines when I received an urgent cell phone call.  That terrorist pit bull has a partner, and this new and different threat is in the south pasture after one of our eight new baby calves.  My ranch hand was not armed.  That was my error.  I dropped everything and raced to my truck.  I knew where to head . . . the terrorists are predictable and try to escape using calculated routes.  The intelligence agencies of the USA need to not have both hands tied behind their backs and/or prosecuted for not protecting "terrorist" so called rights. I cut this pit bull off before it could get to the hole it dug under the south fence to gain entry to Big Oaks Ranch.  The evil perpetrator had not yet committed the dastardly crime against my calves, but its intentions were clear.  A terrorist criminal was on my land and I will protect my family and herd.  One shot at 20 mph out the driver's window with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 duck shot (high brass) while driving with my leg, put this "terrorist" feral pit bull down.  Another shot finished it off.  We took pictures and loaded it into the front loader on my tractor for the burn pile.  All evidence is destroyed forever.  Once again, a new threat to us and our neighbors is taken down forever.  But we all know that the enemy just raises new "terrorists" and trains them to attack and continue their evil agenda of power and terror.  We will stay armed, trained and ready to fight here at Big Oaks Ranch.  The enemy will die.

APPLICATION:  The president of the United States of America needs some "on the job training" in the military or at a ranch defending against rogue terrorist pack dogs, coyotes, and pit bulls.  He must learn to hunt down and destroy these enemies with the fervor of a ranch shepherd protecting their home.  He needs to not hamper his intelligence agencies and he needs to keep his ranch hands armed, trained, and ready to kill!!  Mr. President please protect the citizens of the United States of America!!  Please preserve my life and give me liberty to pursue happiness as I choose.  Please give me liberty to purchase my own health insurance and protect our borders and citizens from terrorist "pit bull" threats.  Give me liberty to celebrate Christmas and pray if I want.  Do not take away my "unalienable rights" by new statutes and decrees created by czars of the executive branch of government.  Let the citizens of America have REASON to look forward to a new and prosperous NEW YEAR (2010).

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is one of the most famous phrases in the United States Declaration of Independence, and considered by some as one of the most well crafted, influential sentences in the history of the English language. These three aspects are listed among the "unalienable rights" of man.

Signed, An American Patriot

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