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10-17-05 "Remembering 9-11-2001."

We live in the days of rampant pack dogs. When one looks out (news media, talk radio), these mad dogs are suddenly in the pasture (home) attacking the chickens, not for food, but for a cruel agenda (evil power, control and harm). The chickens are simply doing the job they were designed to do, grazing, scratching the ground for food, laying eggs, fertilizing and sleeping. They are content, productive creatures that make little to no trouble at all. But, when the feral dogs attack, they are panicked (fear flight or fight takes over); their endocrine system produces harmful hormones that foul their flesh and disrupt life as normal. After an attack they hover near their coop, jump at any sound, and even distrust the farmers (leaders.) It takes days and often weeks, even months for the chickens to recover from a wild dog attack; and if the survivors should forget, they are weak, exposed, vulnerable and at risk of being dead tainted meat.

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